Tiny Love Gymini Sunny Day Play Gym


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With fun hanging toys, abundant developmental activities on the mat, a musical sun with three playful tunes and cute dangling toys, the Gymini® Sunny Day will encourage baby’s development and attract her curiosity, whether on her tummy or on her back. The mat helps develop hearing with three cheerful musical triangle tunes, plus various other sounds on the mat and toys. The mat also strengthens muscles and provides tummy-time. It also features a large mirror to stimulate neck lifting.


  • Suitable from birth to 12 months
  • Colourful play mat with two collapsible arches and a musical toy
  • Six activities to stimulates baby’s development and gross motor skills
  • Tap and play musical sun with three playful tunes and mirror for extended tummy-time
  • Integrated hooks on the arches for easy positioning of the colourful hanging toys and teether


Tiny Love


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