Jujube Paci Pod (Rose Gold) – Rose Coloured Glass


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Jujube Paci Pod (Rose Gold) is a pacifier holder in the Rose Gold Collection. Boasting feminine and pastel designs trimmed with rose gold hardware—a look both stunning yet understated. Peek inside to find a complementary light pink lining. This elegant print will bring energy to your daily outings, and electricity to your date nights!

OK…it’s true. We did have a Paci Pod before, and it was awesome. But now we have the new and improved Paci Pod and it’s even awesomer!!! Complete with two elastic retainer straps on each side to hold two pacifiers … twins, anyone? … or just so you have a backup. Agion ® antimicrobial treatment will put your mind at ease, too!


  • Wristlet strap, detachable with a swivel hook.
  • Interior elastic securely holds 2 pacifiers.
  • Fits other little stuff, like retainers and iPods!
  • Teflon™ fabric protector … helps repel stains.
  • Agion® treatment protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Matte Black Hardware … we don’t trust any of the cheap plastic stuff.
  • Light Colored Linings … you can actually see what’s inside.
  • Machine Washable … air dry.


Weight: 1.00 LBS

Product Dimensions: 3″W x 3″H x 1.75″D

Volume Measurement: 0.18L




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