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Our Story

Hi Everyone!


As you are browsing this website, you might be planning to have a baby, you might be pregnant, or you could have recently had a baby. Well, congratulations! But, before you start exploring our site, let me tell you a little more about us; my wife, Omera Khan. Before starting Welcome Baby Ltd, Omera has been working with babies and children since 1993. She has been working at various private nurseries, Nannying and as a registered childminder. My name is Serandaz Khan, my wife and I have been married for 21 years now and have 5 beautiful children; 3 girls and twin boys.

I have always had a passion to start a business with my wife. In 2005, we started our first business; EMA Embroidery Ltd.. (named after our 3 girls). EMA was registered as a  partnership in 2005 and incorporated as a LTD company in 2009.

Visit EMA Embroidery Site here

We both love our children and try our best to get involved in their day to day activities. After the birth of the twin boys in 2011, Omera decided it was best to stop her work at EMA Embroidery and a Nursery nurse at her local nursery and dedicate herself to be a full time mum. However, she couldnt resist and in (year) decided to start a business that meant she could still be with the twins; therefore, she started a Facebook Group called Twinability, this specialised in babies and toddlers customised clothing.

Due to having our own Embroidery and printing business already, it was the perfect opportunity to start a business without having to start from scratch. My wife and I were known in our local community due to EMA Embroidery, and we became the exclusive school uniform suppliers to many schools in our area. We were sponsoring school teams, and participating in charity events regularly. Twinabilty took off very fast and we started to get orders for new borns, mothers, grandparents, older siblings, aunties and uncles etc.

In 2015, the twins were 4 years old. Although, they were very boisterous and active at this age. After being buckled in to their pushchairs or car seats, their favourite thing to do would be to try their best to escape and free their arms, this would then lead to them giving really hard time. We had to stop them from freeing their arms from the carseat and pushchair harnesses. In August 2015, I invented a strap to ensure the boys stayed in their harness. It wasnt a great design at first but it worked, we got our life back and offered our miracle strap to our friends and family. It took almost 5 months and after changing few designs and constantly trying to improve, we decided to make special clips and straps for our strap.  In December 2015, we made a strap and took it to TRL (Transport Research Lab) UK for official crash testing before commercialising.

We named it StrapStop, it was a strap with two special clips, which were stopping a child from freeing arms from carseat, pushchair or any other harness. StrapStop passed the test and issued a safety certificate by one of the largest and respected organisation in United Kingdom. We designed the professional packaging, And launched our product in May 2016. Today we sell over 100,000 StrapStops in a year and its available in over 20 countries worldwide. (Visit StrapStop) for more information.

After success of StrapStop we have been selling other baby brands to thousands of our customers in UK through our personal contacts and social media. Only recently decided to develop a website and hoping to reach many more parents who want the best for their babies. So here we are . has born and we are confident that our hand picked products from top British and european brands will make you fall in love with them and you can treat your baby and yourself with products, which made with love and care, keeping you and your baby in mind.

Thank you very much for your interest in our story and we would like to assure you that by buying from .


Omera & Serandaz


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